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Terms and Conditions


Open sky cargo will like to declare that we do not collect any personal Data 

during visits to our website, and we do not keep any information on the visitors.

As so, we have no special declaration to make regarding your Data processing 

as it is not an issue.

If you have any remarks, Intrest of requiring Information regarding the Data processing of the Supplier -WIX.COM, please refer Directly to WIX.COM data processing declaration and terms on site

Protection of personal data law (May 2018

Since 25 May 2018 apply the new protection of personal data law,

Open sky cargo Srl wishes to comply with this law and thus is Issuing this Declaration in Public.

We have in the past received some information about your firm and personal contact information from you that we have stored in our system.

This information is used strictly for professional business purposes (communication, invoices etc.) and we hereby guarantee that the data available to us under no circumstances will be shared with external organizations.

Open sky cargo Srl has the following information:

• Name(s) of the company/organisation

• Contact person(s) name(s), telephone number(s) and email address(es)

• Address(es) of the company/organisation

• VAT number

• Bank account number

All of this information is processed transparently.

Please note:

• The collected data will be used unless you tell us not to use it

• You may indicate at any time to us that you wish for this data to be deleted,     

   and it will be removed within our system

• You can ask us at any time to let you know what information we have of yours and we shall oblige by letting you know what is available to us.

All of the employees at Open sky cargo Srl are aware of this and we would be grateful if you would pass this information on to all of your colleagues to ensure that they are also aware of it.

We thank you for your cooperation

signed by Open sky cargo Srl -General manager 

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